The Hysterical Preservation Society- A super cool album I mastered!

If you have not heard this band, The Hysterical Preservation Society, you had better do it NOW. Their new album, “The Lust Boat”, has been released to the wild. It’s sexy, irreverent, and will make you shake your money-maker…. Wait, I don’t even know what any of you do for an income, so maybe it’s not such a good idea for you to shake your money-maker…. If you are a male stripper, a baby-sitter, a chemist working with explosive chemicals…. Anyway,  the album is a free download for an undisclosed amount of time still, so go get it. While you are there, check out “Will Return”, their debut album too. I had the honors  of playing guitar, bass, and some keys on the first album. What a treat that was! I also mastered that and the new one, by the way (oh yeah, the title of this post…..) Have fun, and watch out for any amorous looking robots. If they LOOK a little suspicious, they are up to something possibly kinky and a bit unreal!

HPS Facebook page…..HERE

~ by richinmusic on January 2, 2013.

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